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•   Virginia Agricultural BMP Cost Share Program Definition
•   Links to District’s Most Popular BMP Practices
•   Some Important Dates
•   Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP)
•   Nutrient Management Record Keeping

The Three Rivers SWCD administers the Virginia Agricultural Best Management Practices Cost Share Program. Through this program monetary assistance and tax credit incentives are offered to landowners/operators in Essex, King William and King and Queen counties who agree to establish and maintain good conservation practices that will reduce the amount of sediments, nutrients and pesticides that run off agricultural lands into local waterways. The Cost Share Program is funded with state and federal monies received from the General Assembly and disbursed through the VA Department of Conservation & Recreation/Division of Soil and Water Conservation.

All Best Management Practices receiving funds are ranked according to the District Cost Share Program Considerations to determine funding priorities. Priority is given to applicants in the watersheds with the greatest non-point source pollution loads, fields with a water quality index of 5 or greater, or leaching index of 8 or greater, or 1/3 HEL and has an existing conservation plan. Monetary or tax credit incentives are rewarded according to these District considerations.


Wildlife Practices Practice Code
Web Link
Field Borders WL-1
Idle Land WL-2
Fescue Conversion WL-3

Practice Name Practice Code
Web Link
Permanent Vegetative Cover on Cropland SL-1
Stream Exclusion With Grazing Land Management SL-6
Small Grain Cover Crop – Non-Harvestable SL-8B
Legume Cover Crop WQ-4
Continuous No-till System SL-15A
Long Term Continuous No Till Planting Systems LTCNT
Nutrient Management Plan Writing – 3 Year Contract NM-1

Important BMP Cost Share Dates

Early Plant Date
Late Plant Date
Kill Dates
October 25
November 15
March 15 - May 15
Due Date:
March 1
Due Date:
March 1

Cost Share Payments

•   Farmers need to report plant dates and kill dates to SWCD personnel for Cover Crops. Farmers must also report planting dates to SWCD staff for No-till practices.
•   Nutrient Management Plans and Record Keeping should be turned in to the staff by the end of May.
•   Receipts for Permanent Vegetative Cover and Grazing Land Protection should be turned in to SWCD staff for reimbursement.
•   All practices will have to be certified by SWCD personnel before payment can be made.

Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program

The Commonwealth of Virginia and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) have agreed to implement a Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP). Virginia CREP utilizes financial incentives from state and federal sources to encourage farmers to enter into a contract with the USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) to remove environmentally sensitive land from agricultural production.

    Practice Specifications
Nutrient Management Record Keeping

The Nutrient Management Record Keeping form should be filled out for all crops (Examples: Corn, Wheat, Barley, Rye, and Soybeans that may have received no nutrient applications) for the previous year, beginning in January and ending in December. Please Contact district staff if you have any questions.

    Click Here for a copy of the Nutrient Management Records Keeping form for the Three Rivers SWCD.

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