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No-Till Drill Program

Three Rivers has two no-till drills which are rented to local farmers and landowners. No-till planting is an economical and effective method of conservation tillage that offers many advantages over the more traditional tillage practices.

No-till planting involves planting into a seedbed which has not been plowed or which has been planted into a cover crop. Only a small part of the seed bed is disturbed. This conserves the moisture in the seed bed and reduces the chance of soil erosion. Unlike conventional tillage, the no-till method only requires one trip across the field. This lessens the potential for soil compaction and minimizes labor and fuel expenses  
Reduces Soil Loss
Increases Organic Matter
Reduces Loss of Nutrients
Reduces Loss of Moisture
Improves Water Quality
Improves Physical and Chemical Properties of the Soil
7 foot no-till drill
Great Plains 7' No-Till Drill
1. The Great Plains no-till drill is 7 feet wide and has a row width of 7.5 inches.
2. The seeder requires at least an 55 horse power tractor with at least one hydraulic remote.
3. The lessee will need a full size truck to tow the drill.
4. The seeder has two large hoppers and a warm season grass hopper.
5. The lessee is responsible for cleaning the seeder after use.
6. A rental agreement is available for your signature at the time of pick up.
7. See RATES for rental fees.
8. Click Here for Rental Agreement.

Further Rental Information
All equipment is scheduled on a first come, first served basis.
All safety items will be discussed with the lessee prior to use.
An Operator’s Manual will accompany drill for seeding rates.
The District is not responsible for germination of seed or stand loss due to weather conditions.

No-Till Drill Rental Rates
1. Rental Rates are listed in the Rental Agreement for each drill and are specific to that drill. *
2. The amount charged is determined by the acreage meter on the drill.
* There is an additional charge when used outside of the Three Rivers Soil and Water District. There is a minimal rental fee of $100.00 and a $10.00 per acre charge after the first 10 acres.

Crimper Roller

Crimper rollerThree Rivers District partnered with USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, Northern Neck SWCD, Essex County VCE and the Tidewater RC&D in a pilot project to provide a crimper roller free of charge to the farmers in our area in order to destroy annual cover crops. Cover crop rolling is an advanced no-till technique. It involves flattening a high biomass cover crop to produce a thick, uniform mat of mulch. A cash crop is then no-tilled into the mulch. If the right kind of roller is used on the right cover crop at the right time, the rolling process itself will kill or partially kill the cover crop. This means burn down herbicides can be reduced or eliminated. Please Contact SWCD Staff if you are interested in using the crimper roller.

Rental Agreements

Click Here for 7' Drill Rental Agreement.
Click Here for Crimper Roller Rental Agreement.
Click Here for Crimper Roller Attachment to Rental Agreement.

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