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        WHO WE ARE



The Dust Bowl of the 1930’s signaled the need for soil and water conservation in the United States. About five years later, the first federal soil conservation legislation was passed. In 1937, President Roosevelt saw the need for local involvement in conservation efforts and pushed for the creation of districts by states. The Virginia General Assembly in 1938 enacted the Soil Conservation District Law and established the Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Commission. Later that year Virginia’s first district, the Tidewater SWCD was born. In 1982, the Tidewater District was split and the Three Rivers SWCD was created, covering King and Queen, King William, and Essex counties. The first Conservation Plan was written in 1939 for the Taliaferro farm in Essex County.

Districts are run by boards comprising of elected and appointed district directors; dedicated citizens who serve their communities without pay. The Three Rivers SWCD has two elected directors from each county and two appointed directors (one of whom is an extension agent) that are appointed from within the entire district.

Operating as a non-profit organization with funding from federal, state and local governments, the Three Rivers SWCD provides landowners and operators with educational and technical assistance. Three Rivers SWCD is also involved in flood control, land utilization, urban erosion programs, resources inventory, public information and education, watershed projects, resource analysis and much more.

Erosion did not start sixty years ago. It was around long before man discovered fire and it will be here long after we are gone. Land stewardship and water quality protection in Virginia is a team effort. The Three Rivers SWCD strives to lead and motivate local communities to maintain a clean environment and a productive economy. By working through partnerships formed with federal, state, and local governments; public servants and private landowners; volunteers and staff members, effective soil erosion and conservation programs are offered to landowners and operators.


TRSWCD Staff Wins 2nd Annual Area III Outstanding District Challenge

District AwardsThe 71st Annual Meeting of the Virginia Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts (VASWCD) that was held December 6-8 at the Sheraton Hotel in Richmond proved to be an award winning event for the staff and directors of the Three Rivers Soil and Water Conservation District.

The theme of the event, “VA Districts: Conservation in Action; Showcasing District Work,” emphasized the conservation work being accomplished by the Soil and Water Conservation Districts across the state, with special emphasis to the ongoing support provided by the many local, regional, state, and national partners working collaboratively.

On Monday, December 8, the Three Rivers SWCD was recognized as the winner of the 2nd Annual Area III Outstanding District Challenge, an awards program created to recognize an outstanding SWCD and staff within Area III that consistently goes above and beyond what is expected and to recognize that district’s exceptional contributions and accomplishments. The District received an engraved trophy, and all members of the Three Rivers staff received cash awards.

Mission Statement

“To achieve soil and water conservation within the district through leadership, education and technical assistance.”

Vision Statement

“It is our intent to safeguard soil and water within Three Rivers District by making significant strides toward achieving the water quality goals of the State of Virginia and the Chesapeake Bay Act through putting conservation on the ground and working with the Tributary Strategies of the York and Rappahannock Watersheds.”

Board of Directors

Franklin Townsend, Chairman, King William County
W. Todd Henley, Vice Chairman, King & Queen County
Roland Geddes, Treasurer, Essex County
Keith Balderson, Secretary, Appointed Extension Agent
Lloyd Mundie, Essex County
Troy Johnson, King William County
Raymond Thomas, Essex County
Robert P. Longest, King & Queen County

Associate Directors

Margaret “Prue” Davis, Essex County

District Staff

Michelle Carter, District Manager
Anne Davis, Administrative Coordinator
Marlene Shelor, PT Administrative Assistant

Board Meetings

Board meetings are traditionally held on the third Monday of the month. The public is welcome to attend these meetings.

Contact Us

Telephone: (804) 443-2327 ext: 101
Fax: (804) 443-1707

Three Rivers Soil & Water Conservation District
P.O.Box 815
Tappahannock, VA 22560-0815

Three Rivers Soil & Water Conservation District
772 Richmond Beach Road
Tappahannock, VA 22560-0815
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From Richmond
Take 360 East to Tappahannock. Turn Right on Richmond Beach Road. Take 2nd Right into the Rappahannock Office Building.

From Gloucester/Virginia Beach
Take 17 North to Tappahannock. Turn Right on Richmond Beach Road. Take 2nd Right into the Rappahannock Office Building.

From Fredricksburg
Take 17 South to Tappahannock. Turn Left on Richmond Beach Road. Take 2nd Right into the Rappahannock Office Building.

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Partners in Conservation

• Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)
• Department of Conservation & Recreation (DCR)
• Farm Service Agency (FSA)
• Resource Conservation & Development (RC&D)
• Virginia Extension
• Virginia Association of Soil & Water Conservation Districts (VASWCD)
• Department of Forestry (DOF)
• York Watershed Small Coastal Basin Roundtable
• Rappahannock River Basin Commission
• York & Small Coastal Basin Watershed Council

Three Rivers Soil & Water Conservation District • 772 Richmond Beach Road • P.O.Box 815 • Tappahannock • VA • 22560-0815