• Robert T. Bland, IV, Chair, King & Queen Co. (Elected)
  • Langdon Townsend, Vice Chair, King William Co. (Elected)
  • T. Keith Balderson, Treasurer, Essex Co. (Elected)
  • Bruce Taylor, Secretary, King & Queen Co. (Elected)
  • Robbie Longest, Essex Co. VA Cooperative Extension (Appointed)
  • Benjamin Ellis, Essex Co. (Elected)
  • Lloyd Mundie, Essex Co. (Appointed)
  • Troy Johnson, King William Co. (Elected)
  • Thomas Fox, King William Co. (Associate)
  • W. Todd Henley, King & Queen Co. (Associate)

Pictured left to right: Langdon Townsend, Troy Johnson, Thomas Fox, Lloyd Mundie, Bruce Taylor, Robert Bland, Benjamin Ellis, Robbie Longest

Not Pictured – Keith Balderson (Director) & Todd Henley (Associate Director)

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