Tax Credits

In addition to cost share programs, tax credits may be available through Three Rivers SWCD. Under the Code of Virginia, “Any individual engaged in agricultural production for market who has in place a nutrient management plan approved by the local Soil and Water Conservation District by the required tax return filing date of the individual shall be allowed a credit against the tax imposed by § 58.1-320 of an amount equaling twenty-five percent of all expenditures made by such individual for the purchase of equipment certified by the Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board as providing more precise pesticide and fertilizer application.” An equipment tax credit may be available for:

  • Sprayers for pesticides and liquid fertilizers;
  • Pneumatic fertilizer applicators;
  • Monitors, computer regulators, and height adjustable booms for sprayers and liquid fertilizer applicators;
  • Manure applicators;
  • Tramline adapters; and
  • Starter fertilizer banding attachments for planters.

Additional information and regulations regarding the equipment tax credit can be found at:

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