Conservation Practice Survey Allows Producers to Tell Their Story

March 1, 2021

Farm operators in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed are asked to participate in a new survey about their use of voluntary conservation practices. The survey will highlight producers’ previously undocumented efforts to implement Best Management Practices (BMPs) even when it meant using their own means to do so, out of their commitment to improving the Chesapeake Bay’s water quality. The survey was created by members of Virginia’s Voluntary Agricultural Best Management Practices Task Force and is conducted by Virginia Cooperative Extension.  Information gleaned in this survey will allow producers’ past efforts to count toward Virginia’s agricultural water quality goals as part of the Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP) for the Chesapeake Bay. The survey is currently available and will close March 12, 2021. Detailed information about the survey, and a link to complete it can be found here:

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