Three Rivers SWCD Gets Back in The Classroom!

January 18, 2022

On Wednesday, December 1st Three Rivers Soil & Water Conservation District Education Coordinator, Waring Baylor, went into the 6th grade classroom at James H. Cary Intermediate School. Topics that were covered consisted of soils, erosion, point vs non-point pollution, water quality, and Chesapeake Bay tributaries amongst others. Three Rivers staff also promoted programs that are offered at the District such as nutrient management, precision nutrient applications in cropping systems, streamline fencing, and cover crops.

Each class lasted an hour and a half and students seemed very engaged throughout the day whether it be volunteering for activities (like the erosion demonstration pictured below with students holding runoff from fields with cover/plants actively growing vs bare fields) or asking questions pertaining to information being covered. Forty-one students were reached during the day and each student received a Living in Your Watershed booklet to take home along with a bumper sticker related to which watershed they lived in!

Special thanks to Ms. Rector (6th grade teacher and James H. Cary personnel) for allowing Three Rivers staff into the facility for in class learning!

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